We are excited to announce the first interdisciplinary workshop on Phonology and Dyslexia that will be part of the Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP19). Here the neuro-cognitive study of Dyslexia will join forces with theoretical Phonology to address questions in the core of both disciplines:

- What aspects of phonological representations are affected in dyslexia?
- Can theoretical phonology provide experimental work with more fine-grained and theoretically motivated measures?
- How can theoretical phonology handle individual diverse or ‘unstable’ phonological representations?

What will the workshop include?

The workshop will feature a full day scientific programme, split into two parts - morning and afternoon - broken down by lunch and coffee breaks. Each session includes Slide Presentations from speakers with diverse scientific backgrounds, followed by a Keynote address and a Poster session.

We are planning for a hybrid conference: presentations are planned to be in person - but we will be streaming all lectures live and collecting questions in real time.

Important Dates

  1. Abstract sumbission: Closed
  2. Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1st 2021
  3. Notification of acceptance: mid November 2021
  4. Registration Opens: November 2021
  5. Workshop: 26 January 2022
  6. Keynote Speakers

    We are happy to announce our Keynote Speakers:

    Professor Usha Goswami Professor Alan C. L. Yu
    Centre for Neuroscience in Education University of Chicago
    University of Cambridge

    Organizing Committee

    Anastasia Klimovich-Gray
    Alberto Furgoni
    Antje Stoehr
    Christoforos Souganidis
    Clara Martin
    Efthymia Kapnoula
    Marie Lallier
    Mina Jevtović
    Shanti Ulfsbjorninn


    1. E-mail: dyslexiaphonologyocp19@bcbl.eu
    2. Twitter: @OCP19plus
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